Bacteriostatic Saline, 30 ml.


Bacteriostatic saline for botox for sale

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Bacteriostatic saline for botox for sale

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What is bacteriostatic saline?

It is a liquid that contains benzyl alcohol in a 0.9 solution and it’s used in dissolving medicine iv injections and also flush intravascular catheters. Each ml contains Sodium Chloride 9 mg of and 0.9% benzyl alcohol added as a bacteriostatic preservative. May contain hydrochloric acid for pH adjustment, pH 5.0. (4.5 to 7.0). Multiple-dose 30 ml vial. Normal Saline does not require an MSDS due to it either being inherently non-toxic or non-toxic in the form, concentration, or quantity supplied by Velasco.

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