Cytocare 532 (10x5ml)


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A French pharmaceutical firm with a focus on cosmetology and cosmetic medicine called Laboratories Revitacare created the implant known as Cytocare 532. It successfully reverses skin aging while reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. The skin’s elasticity, tonicity, and moisture content are also improved with Cytocare 532.

CYTOCARE 532 is an injection that contains hyaluronic acid as well as a compound for rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. You can get CYTOCARE 532 from online or by calling one of our helpful customer service representatives.cytocare 532 buy online, You may lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhance the hydration, elasticity, and tone of the skin by purchasing bulk CYTOCARE 532 from Med Supply Solutions.

 How does cytocare 532 work?

The goal of Cytocare 532, which also offers firmness and elasticity, is to minimize wrinkles. By regenerating the dermis underneath your skin’s surface, Cytocare can assist you in maintaining your young glow. To revitalize the skin on the face or neck, CYTOCARE 532 is appropriate for mesotherapy treatments. Utilize point-by-point, retro racing, cross-hatching, fan, or transdermal injection methods to administer CYTOCARE 532 to the middle or superficial dermis.

 A pack of Cytocare contains

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • 5 x 5ml or 10 x 5.0ml

What are the uses of Cytocare 532?

  • Replenish hydration
  • Create and enhance a radiant glow
  • Delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

 Who should not use cytocare 532?

Cytoscape shouldn’t be used if you are pregnant or nursing. Use with caution if you have a hyaluronic acid allergy. For the greatest outcomes, clinical trials advise administering Cytocare once every three months. 

However, a variety of factors, such as an individual’s age, lifestyle, and the necessary amount of therapy, affect how long benefits last. At the injection site, some redness, swelling, and pain are possible. Usually, the resolution happens within two to three days.